Hook Sharpen

Hook Sharpen

Hook Sharpen

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Jag Max File

The SP Max File has reduced hook sharpening time by up to 75% due to increased metal removal. Use th..


Jag sharpening kit

Hand-honed hooks are all the rage, but how do you go about sharpening your favourite carp hooks effe..


Jag Sp stone Fine and medium

Use in partnership with the SP Max file to hone hook points to a level far superior than ANY new hoo..


Jag Sp stone Medium

Use in partnership with the SP Max file to hone hook points to a level far superior than ANY new hoo..


Jag Sp ultra eye

20x magnification for precision sharpeningCompact design for easy storageSwivels shut to protect the..


Jag sp vice

Purpose designed for precision hook sharpening, the SP Vice securely clamps any hook pattern and siz..


Korda kama kote

Odourless & TransparentExcellent water resistanceProtects hooks from corrosionEnsures hook stay ..


Nash dual diamond file

Double sided to combine polishing and sharpening into one handy tool. This is an ideal introduction ..


Nash Finishing files

Essential for final touch up work after shaping, the Finishing Files smooth away burrs and edges, he..


Nash PINPOINT hook and tt marker pens

Preventing reflection in clear water conditions!Low odour acid free permanent markers that darken an..


Nash PINPOINT Led eye glass

the Nash Pinpoint LED Eye Glass offers 40 X magnification for absolute clarity, with white LED light..


Nash point protection grease

Odour and taste free and without chemical additives, each pot treats up to 200 hooks...


Nash precision sharpening vice

Able to accommodate all patterns and sizes for a true universal design. This holds your trusted hook..


Nash sharpening kit

Everything you will need to sharpen your hooks in one convenient case. This contains all of the hard..


Ngt hook Sharpener

NGT fishing hook sharpener file. its always best practice to check the hook point and re sharpen..