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Ngt 2 rod stainless bankstick

stainless 2 rod setcompact adjustable buzz bars and bank sticks ..


Ngt 3 rod stainless bankstick

stainless 3 rod setcompact adjustable buzz bars and bank sticks ..


Ngt bait grinder - crucher

Mill baits NGT has been developed for cutting and hard baits at great enticing crumb. The perfect t..


Ngt baiting spoon

Dual use spoon. Spoon can be attached to a landing net handle for longer range baiting. Includes sho..


Ngt bankstick light adapter

A handy 3/8 stainless steel connector.  Ideal for connecting items like lights or camera's to a..


Ngt bivvy and brolly hooks

2 packmagnetic use on any brolly or bivvyhand gear like your light. Receiver or clothes ..


Ngt bucket round 10L

NGT camo bait bucket with metal handle. Ideal for mixing spod mixes or ground bait. single ..

R299.00 R170.00

Ngt bucket round 5L

Great for mixing groundbait, storing boilies and carrying those essential supplies. Each bucket has ..

R199.00 R125.00

Ngt compact multi section frying pan with lid

With three different sections, this pan will accommodate beans, egg and sausage / bacon all at the s..

R799.00 R350.00

Ngt Gas Stove

This stove is super efficient, lightweight, highly compact andprovides a high output of 3000W. Its m..

R999.00 R549.00