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DNA additives tiger nut extract

This beautifully sweet, thick yellow liquid is extracted from tiger nuts. As one of the greatest car..


DNA booster evolution range secret 7

Along with a smooth peach and orange flavour, this liquid food includes our superb Krill Hydrol..


DNA booster the switch

To complement the complex base mix, the Switch Liquid is a complete FOOD source with a serious twist..


Dna Corker Nutta-S pop up15mm

Although all our baits are very effective all year round, we were forever getting asked for a qualit..


Dna Corker secret 7 pop up15mm

This bait will be a taste sensation for the carp and certainly something they will probably never ha..


Dna Corker SLK pop up15mm

These hand-rolled 15mm cork-ball pop-ups are made the proper old school way. With egg soaked cork ba..


Dna corn steep liquor

Corn Steep Liquor has become one of the most successful liquid additives of the past few years. It h..


DNA evolution range nuttas

A sweet, creamy combination of Tiger Nut Extract, Corn Syrup and top-quality refined Hemp Oil. Added..


Dna fluoro FruityLicious pop up 15mm

Fruitlicious: A subtle fruit ester blend coupled with a much under used classic essential oil at a l..


Dna fluoro Milky malts pop up 15mm

They are so versatile; whether used on spinner rigs, chod rigs, snowman rigs or any other rig out th..


Dna fluoro Pink perils pop up 15mm

Whether used trimmed down on the surface or as conventional pop ups these baits know no bounds. The..