Castaway Pva

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Castaway bait floss 50m white

The CastAway Fluorescent Bait Floss is an ideal tool to confirm your popup or boilie. With this you ..


Castaway pva double system size 25m+35mm--(14m total)

2 systems in  one25mm 7 m35mm 7mDouble- Perfect for Boilie Stringers/Sticks/Bait Parcels- Space..


Castaway pva fast melt string 25m

A Pva yarn that dissolves properly, and is environmentally friendly. It will also work very well in ..


Castaway pva mesh 7mm refill 18mm

18MM CAST AWAY PVA MESH REFILL7m Refill Spool of our first class 25mm Castaway PVA mesh, giving you ..


Castaway pva slow melt string 25m

Slow Melt PVA String 25mThis is one of our best and fastest sellers and gives another dimension to b..